Date: April 22, 2016

The “Godfather of Dancehall” who created the classics “Buddy Bye,” “No Ice Cream Sound” and “Little Sound Boy” is a well-deserved moniker for Errol “Johnny” Osbourne describing his contribution to Reggae music as it has evolved from the local Jamaican community to the international arena.

His song “Sing Jay Stylee” is viewed by many as the precursor to the Dancehall phenomenon evidenced in popular Jamaican music culture today. The evolution of this aspect in the 80’s prompted an increase in sound systems around the globe and necessitated the need for “dubs”. As sound system selectors in every crevice and corner of the world craved to establish dominancy, the demand for “dubs” escalated immensely. Such were the requests for Johnny’s services as no selector wanted to enter into a clash without a “special” from the “Dub Doctor”. Today, it is the same.

A string of hits dating from the late 60’s through the 90’s defines Johnny’s longevity and artistic ability. During this period and subsequently, Johnny’s aptitude to adapt to changes while preserving the quality of his musical output illustrates the depth of talent in his musical arsenal. Johnny’s legendary status was not acquired as a result of the years he’s been in the business, in essence it emanates from his penmanship as a lyricist, creative ingenuity as a “hit-maker” and intrinsic proficiency to do so repetitively.

Max Glazer moves dance floors from New York to Jamaica to China. As co-founder (along with Kenny Meez) of the ground breaking and taste making Federation Sound he has spent the last 15 years bringing dancehall and reggae to the masses. Max has worked with an almost never-ending string of artists on their rise to international fame. Sean Paul and Vybz Kartel both count Glazer as an early collaborator and supporter of their careers. Perhaps most importantly, he spent three years as Musical Director/DJ for Rihanna at the start of her meteoric rise to international stardom.

Max has appeared on numerous television shows and stages around the globe while DJing celebrity events for Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Usher, Gucci, Cipriani’s, Diddy and many more. While releasing original music on the Federation Sound label, Max Glazer has also been tapped to executive produce several compilation albums directed at bringing caribbean music to the masses – Dancehall Classics on Sequence/Ultra and Miss Lily’s Family Style, the first music release from New York’s ultra hip Jamaican eatery.

Glazer set up and programs Radio Lily and presents special events all over the world. Always at the forefront of the music, Max Glazer is the man who brings caribbean vibes to the rest of the world as DJ, Musical Director, Executive Producer and A&R but he is first and foremost a fan and lover of all things dancehall, reggae and bashment.