Sky’high is one of the most compelling artists to emerge from the local Hip Hop scene. At a glance, tough as nails; raw and aggressive; but her disarming smile hints that there is much more than meets the eye.

Sky’high (real name Skh’ai Gerrey) cites Scottish, Aboriginal and Fijian roots and describes herself as a “True blue Aussie through and through”. Her grandmother was an original go-go dancer in Sydney’s notorious Kings Cross and her mother ran strip clubs/pubs in Sydney. Late nights, clubs and the music found within has long been a familiar environment for Sky.

Although it’s early days, her co-signs tell a story, world renowned NZ producer P-Money pursued her and is handling most of the album’s production the first Australian act he’s overseen. Rolling Stone and Sydney Morning Herald pinpointed her out as an artist to watch and even more surprising, Sydney’s Elefant Traks have signed her. Her debut album “Forever Sky’High” hits stores May 25th.

For people not in the know who is Sky’High?
I am Sky’high! Now who are you?

What are your earliest memories of music?
Dancing on the coffee table to “Locomotion” straight the day I learnt to go to the potty!

Who were your musical influences growing up?
My Grandmothers and Mothers CD collection from Curtis Mayfield to Hoodoo Gurus.

When did you realise you had a talent for rapping and when did you first decide to take it seriously?
Started rapping when I was around 11 and took it seriously a few years ago

You have been known to many on the Sydney Hip Hop scene coming up through your solo mixtapes and work with Sydney Serchaz. How do you look back at those times?
Hahaha a group of good mates doing and saying whatever the fuck we wanted. Makin the type music that we wanted to listen and get gone to. They were good times.

Since then you have gained national attention through tracks/videos for “Look At Me Now”, “Don Dada” and “Hoodie And Nikes” all produced by P-Money how did the connection come about?
My manager Sam Dutch showed him a couple of youtube videos and from there it was a RAP….literally Hahaha.

Being one of the few artists outside of NZ to have had the opportunity to work with P-Money how has he helped you develop as an artist?
He is amazing he taught me a lot mentally. For example see Sydney Serchaz, we rapped for us and was real music for us but when it got out there on the net. 50% of people heard it and didn’t know what to think but got with it. 20% pumped that shit louder than we did and 30% hated it. We paid more attention to that 30% than the 70%. so when they hear Sky’High you either hate it or love it. I ain’t got time to pay attention to percentages and that’s what I’ve learnt you either get it or you don’t. Either way I’m going to do me so thank you P-Money.

The next move was your signing to Elefant Traks it came as a surprise to a lot of people how does it feel to be part of their team?
It feels good if it didn’t I wouldn’t be repping E.T.

For a relatively new artist you have received some major co-signs from fellow artists and press including Rolling Stone and Sydney Morning Herald as an artist to watch out for 2012. Do you feel any pressure and if so how do you deal with it?
No pressure at all, they got it right what they say goes, isn’t that how media works? Hahahahaha and please mistake my confidence for cockiness without a cock. Nah just playing, I’m chuffed and I deal with it by dealing good music not drugs.

Your debut album “Forever Sky’High” is out on May 25th what can we expect from it?
Music that will get you high without having to get high that make sense?!

What’s your favourite song off the album and why?
All of them LOL! You are gonna have to listen to it to find out why.

How did you find the process of recording your first full length album was it a lot different to what you expected?
Not really, it went really smooth yeah. I was lucky to record at P-Moneys house when in New Zealand and then ESPA’s studio in Sydney.

What inspires you to make music?
Everything inspires me. People who like my music inspire me the most though nowadays. I just want to make real good music that inspires them in return.

What’s the biggest misconception about you?
I’m loud…LOL the most talking I do is when I rhyme. Real talk.

Which artist would you most like to work with and why?
Everyday is different today I would have to say Bobby Tank.

What music are you currently listening to?
Right now at this very moment Dizzy Wright! His track “Solo Dolo” is on replay.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give an aspiring artist?
Hard work pays off and don’t ever doubt yourself…..ever!

What does the future hold for Sky’High?
Well the sky isn’t my limit obviously Hahaha your just going to have to sit back, watch and enjoy the journey and see where it leads only time will tell. My future is your future is our future.

What’s your definition of Grindin’?
Popping 3 MDMA caps and waking with chipped teeth nah just playing I got jokes! My definition of grindin’…umm Mike Jackson said it best “Don’t stop till you get enough” Hahaha go hard or home. I’m on my grind 24/7. “Forever Sky’High album out May 25th let’s do this.

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