Grindin’ has worked with a number of companies including Sony, Nike, MTV, Alize, VP Records, General Pants, Aerial 7, LRG Clothing, J Mag, FEIT, Information Cultural Exchange, Bondi Beach Road Hotel, Central Station Records along with others in Australia as well as Internationally.

With over 15 years expertise in all areas of the music industry, Grindin’ can provide promo/publicity, marketing and consultation on specific projects and events. One of the major factors in the success of Grindin’ is its effectiveness to bridge the gap between corporate entities and their potential clientele.

Grindin’s understanding of the Australian and International market, and the reputation the brand has built up over the years means it can draw upon a wide variety of contacts to help promote various projects efficiently.

Grindin’ can also provide a variety of services Australia wide for potential clients which include:

  • Radio servicing
  • TV servicing
  • Print media
  • Online media
  • DJ servicing
  • Tour publicity
  • Press release write ups
  • Club launches of products
  • Marketing consultation
  • Sourcing remixes for original tracks
  • Bookings DJ’s/acts for venues
  • Event management